Proud parents all across Jamaica are preparing their best outfits to attend their child’s graduation. For many, this means requesting days off from work as often these ceremonies are held during work hours (we’re sure bosses get frustrated at this). But these must-attend events mark an important life moment for both parent and child as they celebrate successes and... Read More

Despite the heat, most of us want to have some fun in the sun. Outside offers much more excitement than the indoor activities admired by today’s technologically addicted youth. Back in the day, parents had to threaten children to stay inside. Now they have to chase young people outside. 

Jamaicans don’t display the same level of excitement for Father’s Day as they do for the other parent. Don’t ask why because we don’t want to go there. We simply want to show supportive fathers how much we appreciate all their sacrifices. These Dads deserve our love and our gratitude. Perhaps that will motivate the fenke fenke fathers to give a damn!

We’re not quite there yet, but given the unpredictable heat now we should be preparing for that season we all say we love, Summertime! We shouldn’t have to convince anyone that it’s time to retire long sleeve comfy clothing and reach for your “impy skimpy.” 

Water is life! That means it’s a commodity we need to survive. So how are we coping in Jamaica with these eternal lock offs? Some people have been without water for months, which, in many ways, is a crisis if no one else is saying so! Our personal hygiene is taking a hit. We must feel sorry for those who have to get close to others in a taxi or public... Read More

If any young Jamaican girls still doubt that they can compete in sports internationally and still get good grades, they only have to look at the Reggae Girlz for motivation. Like the Reggae Boyz in 1998, France will host the Reggae Girlz as Jamaica qualifies for FIFA Women’s World cup for the first time. This Wednesday the Girlz are playing Panama in a friendly at... Read More

Let's be honest, you probably don't call your mother as often as you should. I bet you get those texts that say, "You remember me? Still love You, Mom." You might live far away, or are just too preoccupied with work and your social life to spend time with the woman who raised you. But Mother's Day is here and it’s your chance for redemption. 

An almost month-long series of soca fetes, concerts, and street culminates with revellers, clad in elaborate costumes, parading in an around the Kingston metropolitan area.
This weekend (April 26- April 28) is no doubt dedicated to all things road march and carnival.
But if you aren’t in the mood to wine up a storm – we’ve got you... Read More

This time of year, many Jamaicans are trying to sculpt that “Carnival Body”. Using fitness, diet, supplements and sleep, those with a passion for carnival aim to look and feel their best, whatever their body type. Having a carnival body means you have the stamina to handle the parade on Sunday, April 28th 2019.