When social media marketing first became popular, it seemed like an amazing gift for businesses to connect with audiences, promote their goods or services, and convert leads into sales. Low costs and accessibility were big selling points of social media marketing. Businesses could use social media as their sole marketing platform or to supplement traditional... Read More

Back-to-school season always brings new controversy and this year is no different. The Dunce
school bag has invaded Jamaica, leaving school administrators dumbfounded and scrambling for

With easy Internet access to the internet, we can find information we need in seconds. We have
grown accustomed to gaining knowledge with the use of search engines, and, more recently, AI
platforms. What we find, however, can often be deceiving. We often accept incorrect or
misleading material that comes across as facts.

Jamaica came away from the World Athletics Championships in Budapest with a healthy share
of the medals. Our athletes won 3 gold, 5 silver, and 4 bronze, finishing fourth overall behind the
United States, Canada, and Spain although only the US had more medals (29). It’s clear by now
that we have a permanent place in the top ten in track and field... Read More


Back-to-school season is in full swing. With book lists in hand and a determined spirit, parents
all over Jamaica are doing all they can to ready their children for the new school year. It means
stress from shopping, but there is also the thrill of new beginnings. Students, educators and
parents are excited about the new academic year and what it... Read More

Most visitors come here for our beautiful white sand beaches and clear azure waters. But there
are also gorgeous interior landscapes waiting to be explored. With lush green hills and mountains
over more than half of the island, Jamaica is ideal for hiking. Our breathtaking natural scenery,


And just like that, the Reggae Girlz ended their fantastic run at the FIFA Women’s World Cup.
In a high-intensity clash, they lost 1-0 to Columbia and dashed the hopes of many in Australia’s
Melbourne Rectangular Stadium and around the world. The Girlz had become underdog
favorites as the first Caribbean team to make it into the final 16 in the... Read More

In a nation known for patriotic citizens, Jamaican Emancipendence season is always celebrated
to the max. Because Emancipation and Independence fall within five days of each other, there
are abundant events that evoke national pride. Here are a few for you to enjoy in this glorious

Being called lazy was the worst insult a Caribbean household could dole out. Those accused got
defensive or wheeled and came again with purpose and productivity. We all wanted to be seen as
hard-working and industrious, at work, school or home. A morsel of this mindset remains in the

While much of the world use social media to connect with family, friends, and business
associates, Jamaicans use these platforms to share grievances. One frequent target of complaints
is the BPO sector, which moved from 12,000 employed to 40,000 in seven years. This dramatic
expansion brought issues that now get full airing on Twitter and TikTok... Read More