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Are you a creative cook, writer or visual artist? This one's for you! The JCDC has extended their deadline to June 11 at midnight to accept more entries.
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Thu, June 10 (All day)

Register now for the Make Your Mark Consultants Building Morale And Effective Communication Strategies webinar. Take your career to the next level and make your mark. 

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Thu, June 10 - 8:30am

The BSJ’s Information Hot Spot returns with a focus on Labelling.

This session is for you if you are involved in manufacturing, importing and distribution for retail and if you help to design or produce labels for these products. 

The Packaging, Non-Metallic & Furniture Branch will be presenting on general labelling requirements and specific issues which recur in submissions received by their team.  

 Click the link to register via Zoom. Once you have registered, you should receive a confirmation E-mail with the login information. 

Thu, June 10 - 10:00am

The Symposium will provide the delegates with a comprehensive overview of the current knowledge available in the fight to subdue the Covid-19 pandemic.
It will:
1) explore the epidemiology, virology, clinical presentation, diagnostic mechanisms, and emerging management protocols.
2) examine the phenomenon of the Post-COVID Syndrome; the impact of COVID-19 on the surgical specialties, and the psycho-social repercussions on members of our society.
3) conclude with an overview of: pandemics with the goal of future preparedness; infection control and the current status of vaccines.

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Thu, June 10 - 1:45pm

Just when you thought getting your education was your secured pathway to professional success, here comes the obstacles of locked glass doors and skyscraper glass ceilings. For decades women continue to battle access to higher-wage jobs, positions, and impact in the workplace. There is a need for women to leverage the power of their brilliant minds and incredible communication skills to create NETworks that foster collaboration, mentorship, and empowerment while teaching each other the pitfalls that can damage your career. This webinar will discuss business barriers and ways to combat career killers while also addressing women’s accountability in the workplace.

Presenter: Jewel Daniels Radford - Corporate Trainer, Speaker, Entrepreneur & Author 

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Meeting ID: 916 0110 0542
Passcode: 164660

Thu, June 10 - 7:00pm