Events Calendar

Tune in Friday, 27th August 2021 at 11:00 a.m., for the Future Leaders Youth Forum - A Conversation with Dr Hyginus Leon. Hosted by the Sir Arthur Lewis Community College, this round table session will include a panel of alumni of the Sir Arthur Lewis Community College and the Caribbean Development Bank’s President, Dr Hyginus ‘Gene’ Leon. They will explore the potential of young people to drive economic development, positive social change, environmental sustainability, and technological innovation.

Fri, August 27 - 11:00am

Join the Victoria Mutual Group live for #FinancialFridayz this Friday, August 27 at 12 Noon for an engaging look at how you can start saving towards your goal as a student.

VMBS Acting Regional Manager, Robert Foster, will be providing you with some tips you are not going to want to miss.

Fri, August 27 - 12:00pm

Come Mek We Reason. This month’s MeetUp is all about Downtown! In May we looked at KC’s plan for the development of a Creative City in Downtown Kingston. This month’s MeetUp is part II. We’ll continue the conversation from the perspective of the Downtown Community. The building of a Creative City Downtown has a direct impact on the entire community, whether they are residents, business owners, creatives or others. The Meetup seeks to find out what the community thinks a Creative City is and whether this aligns with Kingston Creative’s vision/plans. It aims as well to hear what the needs and challenges of the community are outside of this vision as this directly affects their engagement. In addition, the Meetup will discuss the type of support community players need to participate in or access the budding creative City. Among the panel will be representatives from the SDC, community leaders and creatives.

Fri, August 27 - 5:00pm