Events Calendar

Join us for another Conu'co Market at the Cove on Sunday, May 22nd as we celebrate all things Jamaican made, grown, and sewn!
Spend the day with family & friends strolling through the impeccable grounds at Plantation Cove and explore beautifully made crafts, food, art, and produce from a variety of local vendors.
The market is FREE to the public and all are welcome!

Sun, May 22 - 10:00am

SoFar Sounds is reimagining the live event experience through curated, intimate performances in 325 cities around the world. If you haven't secured your ticket for our May 22nd secret gig yet, time may be on your side, but we woulda mek a move from now if we were you!

Please note that the contribution for this month's show is only $3000JMD.
Yes, we will be hosting free shows in the future here and there but first, we've gotta build this thing up, so bear with us. Trust that #SofarKGN is worth every dollar.

Are we gonna see you there?

Sun, May 22 - 3:45pm