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The Jamaica Chamber of Commerce presents a webinar called "FOOD SECUITY." The webinar will focus on assessing Jamaica's potential and vulnerability in a post Pandemic Era. The Honorable Pearnerl Charles JR.,MP, Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries, will be the presenter for the webinar. 

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Meeting ID: 86037448580
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Thu, October 27 - 10:00am

The UNEP Green Jobs Education Guide is presented as a dissemination tool for higher education
institutions that includes key actions for educators preparing students to participate in the just
transition to a green and more inclusive economy.
Race awareness on the role that the education sector has in integrating green jobs skills and
training into their curricula. Provide a space for dialogue between university communities,
graduate networks, and green business employers to map priority sectors, and skills gaps and
facilitate the exchange between actors.
Create a space for discussion and promotion of technical skills and tools in universities to
support access to green jobs for graduates.

5 different workshops:
16 h. (Argentina and Chile) 14 h. (Panama and Mexico) 13 h. (Costa Rica)

1. Central America and Mexico workshop: 28 September
2. Caribbean Workshop (in English): October 27th 2022
3. Southern Cone Workshop: 24 November
4. Brazil Workshop (in Portuguese): 9 February 2023
5. Closing Event: 15 March
Presentation of results with workshop guests (3 representatives)

Thu, October 27 - 2:00pm

The Southern Regional Health Authority is offering FREE exercise sessions to help you to strengthen your muscles and bones while maintaining a healthy weight.

Join us at the Clarendon Health Department, SRHA Regional Office, or the St. Elizabeth Health Department.

ALL persons are welcomed to JOIN 

Please see the flyer for more details.

Thu, October 27 - 4:00pm

The Jam is Back this and every Thursday, 7-11pm, at 22 Jerk!
Bring your instrument and join the band, or bring yourself and enjoy the live music!

Thu, October 27 - 7:00pm