Medical Association of Jamaica Symposium 2021

Doctors - Daily Rate: JA $1500/USD 30, 4 days: JA $5000/ USD 110 | Nurses and other Allied Healthcare Workers: Daily Rate JA$1000/UDS 25, 4 days JA $3500/ USD 80

The Symposium will provide the delegates with a comprehensive overview of the current knowledge available in the fight to subdue the Covid-19 pandemic.
It will:
1) explore the epidemiology, virology, clinical presentation, diagnostic mechanisms, and emerging management protocols.
2) examine the phenomenon of the Post-COVID Syndrome; the impact of COVID-19 on the surgical specialties, and the psycho-social repercussions on members of our society.
3) conclude with an overview of: pandemics with the goal of future preparedness; infection control and the current status of vaccines.

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