Time for Relationships

The pandemic forced us all to reassess our lives and set new priorities. We had to change and reinvent many relationships, some of which we are still learning to appreciate. Through problem-ridden Zoom calls, terse text messages, and social media posts, we formed bonds with friends, family and even strangers that were simply not possible before. These connections may not always be easy to maintain, but they are valuable. Let us make them sustainable.

In 2023, we can all make an effort to re-commit to these relationships and the people who make our lives more enjoyable. These bonds of friendship, family, and community must be stronger so they become our source of strength and resilience.

Here in Jamaica we have much for which to give thanks. Our generosity stepped up in the pandemic, and we saw how invested we are in each other’s well-being. Collective civic action drew us closer and helped unite us round common values and goals.

As we welcome the new year, let us focus on love of country and our heroic path in this turbulent world. Let us cherish the relationships with our neighbors and all Jamaicans to make this country the kind of paradise it is meant to be.

Happy New Year!