After long vacations or breaks, parents often find it hard to get their children back into the school routine. Many students experience sleep issues, can’t finish homework, or can’t focus in class. Now that the pandemic has kept most students out of physical school for nearly two years, bringing them back into a routine could be daunting.

That Friday Feeling

With all the talk of Delta, Omicron, Deltracon (nope – we’re not kidding) and the ensuing stabs at Megatron and Decepticon, that ‘Friday Feeling’ knowing the weekend approaches can be euphoric.

Let’s face it, getting out of bed Friday morning for work is a LOT easier than on a Monday – and Fridays seem to move that much faster. Are we right? Or are we right... Read More

2022 Goals

Woohoo! 2021 is gone! Your 2022 calendar looks promising and you want to roll out those ambitious new year’s resolutions. But if you’re wary of the complacency that often sets in soon after we can offer some advice. Consider these 4 steps that can help you stick to your new year’s resolutions. We’ll check back with you next December.

Be Reflective

By now we’re likely in full flight in what is often called the most wonderful time of the year; a time for office parties, gatherings with family members and spending quality moments with people we love; the sweet aroma of cocoa tea brewing or the houses and trees overlaid with blinding Christmas lights. Wow! It’s enough to get you excited.
Stress Free

Christmas is only a few days away! Once we all would respond to that with pure delight and glee. But in a pandemic year it’s more likely sheer panic and stress. Holiday shopping, finding perfect gifts, and having to tolerate family members you tried your best to avoid the rest of the year are not for the timid.


Tell us you are Jamaican, without saying that. Well, that’s easy! If you know the word ‘bitters’ that’s a tell-tale sign! Bet you have either eaten or drank some bitter herb when you were not feeling so well. We’ll guess that Cerasee is one that you tried. The herb holds medicinal properties worthy enough to override the bitter taste that lingers!

Covid – 19 has affected everyone, from individuals and families to businesses. With the added stress of this pandemic, it is important we prioritize time for relaxation and self-care. Treating oneself to a little relaxation is a form of self-love, and taking time to do things you enjoy is essential for a healthy mindset. Need any tips or ideas on how to relax?... Read More

Ackee is native to West Africa, but Jamaica has accepted it as its national fruit.  Many people enjoy this delicacy and it is a staple in the national dish – ackee and saltfish. But some find it less enticing than others. You only have to look at the different sides of ackee to understand the mixed feeling.

Would you starve yourself to save the planet from climate change? Young German activists did just that for almost three weeks. Their intention? Secure a meeting with the three main candidates vying to replace Chancellor Angela Merkel to discuss Germany's response to the phenomenon.

Stacking plastic crates in a pyramid to climb up one side and down the other may be cute to some. But the milk crate challenge is downright dangerous, as viral videos show. To forestall injury to those who may want to try it, we suggest here a few more creative, and safer, ways to use milk crates.