If you’ve done it you probably know ziplining is more fun than frightening. as You sky-rocket through trees and dense forest up in the air while strapped into a harness zipping across a line. Sound terrifying? Perhaps. But if you want an exciting adventure and an exhilarating rush you could do worse. Try these ziplining places on the island.

Make your holiday this Heroes' Day Weekend educational, enjoyable, and, most importantly, more meaningful. After all, National Heroes' Day is supposed to be a day to celebrate our National Heroes and their achievements for the country. 

To help you do just that, we’ve pulled a list of activities to try from our Prips page:

On Wednesday 25thSeptember, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released a special report on Oceans and the Cryosphere (frozen regions); showing the negative and accelerating impacts of climate change. The report was an important moment which sounds the alarm for the Caribbean – we need to understand these risks as a region – and urgently act on... Read More

Thrifting, or shopping for second hand or vintage clothes, is a lesser known activity in Jamaica. But thanks to outfits like Back on the Rack, Mukkle Thrift, Thrift Nature, Thrifty Boutique, and The Thrift Link it is becoming less and less taboo as Jamaicans begin to see the benefits. 

Every year, the plastics in our oceans and other marine debris kill hundreds of thousands of sea birds, turtles and marine mammals. You’ve probably seen those tragic images of whales washing up on shores dead, their bodies filled with pounds and pounds of plastic. 

The days are hot, our roads are dangerous and you simply can't be bothered with walking at all. It wasn’t always that way Years ago, our grandparents walked for miles to get to the market, church and school. Their journeys were not the easiest and it definitely took them some time to get around. But it paid off with the long life and health they enjoyed.  

A super food, a very popular spice and a protector against vampires, garlic has it all. Jamaicans put it in about every dish we can, and for good reason, too. Besides being an amazing spice with amazing flavour, garlic also has numerous health benefits. But first, some history.

Buying books and making uniforms are not the only back to school traditions practiced in Jamaican households. You missed out on the perfect childhood experience if you were not forced by your parents to partake in either one of the following activities as the dreadful September morning approached. 

Now that the Cannabis industry is booming worldwide Jamaica has finally come on board. As Cannabis dispensaries start popping up all over the island marijuana has become easily accessible to locals and tourists. Chances are you won't have to travel too far to find one. But there are restrictions from the Cannabis Licensing Authority, which regulates the industry... Read More

Streaming on radio waves everywhere, Lila Ike, Koffee and Sevana have captivated the minds of reggae music lovers with their traditional sounds mixed with an electric modern edge. All three sensations attribute their musical success to their humble beginnings in rural communities and the support and motivation they get from prominent reggae artists.