Halfway through August, we have a covid-19 positivity rate of 35.3 per cent and hundreds of new cases daily. This means 35 of every 100 tested are confirmed with the virulent illness. Worse, it doesn’t seem likely to fade anytime soon. That may mean face-to-face school next month is looking a lot more like a romanticized fantasy. Don’t get us wrong.

9 Fun Facts about August

Like other months, August has its share of excitement. Although it is usually very hot, we like it for the Emancipendence celebrations and food festivals. Many enjoy its harvests of  summer crops. Others welcome August for holidays and beach outings. But there are other interesting things about the golden-shiny month.
Here are some August fun facts:

‘Emancipendence’ Celebrations Online Again

It's Jamaica 59: Come Mek We Celebrate Online! This is the theme for this year's independence celebrations. For a second time, we’re forced to honour our release from colonial shackles in muted tones because of the pandemic. Such a spoilsport!


The UNESCO World Heritage Site of Blue and John Crow Mountain inscribed for its natural and cultural heritage has a new getaway spot hidden inside the National Park! Away from the city noise at the end of a relaxing mountain drive, the Blues Brews Bistro is under the Holywell Discovery Centre.

Foods to Keep you Cool this Summer

It’s the outdoor season again and whew – we are hot! Even as we appreciate those gusts of winds in these long, lazy days – thank you, Lord! – be aware this weather can take a toll on our health and mood. The best way to beat the heat is to stay hydrated, and one way to do that is by savouring some of your favourite foods. 


Our pandemic salute this month goes to Randy Griffiths, who awarded a four-year scholarship and tablet computer to high schooler Avatar Muschett, after learning about the student’s plight. 


Uber in Jamaica brings mixed emotions, from excitement among commuters to outrage from the Transport Authority and others. The extreme reactions prompted the government to raise the topic in Parliament a week after Uber said it had begun operations.


Between 2020 and 2021 social media use by Jamaicans jumped by more than 200,000, to roughly 1.50 million. That has forced businesses to step outside their usual means of reaching customers. In this Covid-19 era, businesses have to be really smart about where and when they promote. For social media, promotions must be targeted with the right messages and at the... Read More

ReadCaribbean Month

June is #ReadCaribbean Month. Founded in 2019 by the Jamaican Book of Cinz, the event celebrates our literary contribution by reading books about the Caribbean, by Caribbean authors or set in the region! 
Want to participate? Good! Prips invites you to enjoy these 4 books by Caribbean-born writers. 


Jamaica is track and field country. Perhaps that’s why Champs (the ISSA Boys and Girls Championships) is the most anticipated athletic event. It’s our chance to see the athletes who will solidify their place in our history books and those who may find glory on the world stage.