This year’s theme for Child’s Month (May) is “Listen Up, Children’s Voices Matter.” The National Child Month Committee says the theme seeks to empower children and bring attention to their needs. The NCMC asks that the nation support children and guide  their development.

The Committee has scheduled several  events for the month, which started with its annual church service at Eastwood Park Road New Testament Church of God in Kingston. The service was streamed live on YouTube. Churches in Jamaica are encouraged to focus services around children this month.

Other activities include a Pikney Party, where children get a chance to showcase their artistic and expressive talents. The NCMC says the official observance of National Children’s Day will be May 20 and that this year’s celebration and theme will highlight positivity and creativity by children.

Trinity Moravian Church will commemorate a National Day of Prayer in Kingston on May 25th. At the close of Childs Month observance on May 31 the Committee will distribute  care packages to children in need.

About Childs Month and The National Childs Month Committee
The NCMC was established in 1953, chaired by  Lady Foote, the wife of then-Governor General Foote, to focus on issues that affect children. Renowned Jamaican pediatrician Dr. Cecily Williams helped to promote the Committee in its early days.

The Child Welfare Association, now VOUCH, the Jamaica Children's Services Society, and the Jamaica Save the Children Fund formed the first committee. The NCMC now consists of 40 government and non-governmental agencies that all work to better the lives of the children. Children's Month was established in May, and the Council of Voluntary Social Services was tasked with organizing events such as children's services, lectures, broadcasts, children's concerts, dramatic productions, and competitions.