Ever thought of serenading someone with a beautiful violin ballad? Or jamming along on a bass guitar to you favourite Bob Marley tune? If you said yes, then learning an instrument is a good idea for you. Playing an instrument brings many benefits other than becoming a musical star.

Studies show it improves cognitive ability, patience, and builds confidence and can even make you smarter. An instrument requires a high level of focus and precision when learning. Experts say that activity can improve verbal memory, spatial thinking, and reading skills. The research also found that when you play an instrument you activate both sides of your brain, which helps with all those things.

If you struggle with being patient learning an instrument is just what you need. Mastering any instrument is not always straightforward, so you have to stretch your efforts and discipline yourself. The learning not only includes your intellect, but also your body. You'll need to do new things with your hands, or fingers or mouth. You will have to memorize material and practice routines. And keeping timing, as all instruments demand, is an exercise in itself.

Fortunately, persistent practice helps you improve. As you get better you are more motivated to put in greater effort. Each new milestone will bring rewards for the time you put in. And your patience will grow as you begin to master whatever body of work your instrument requires.

Most importantly, studies suggest that that there is a direct link between learning and playing instrument and a boost in your confidence. As you become more assured and get better poise you will find new ways to express yourself. When you gain proficiency with your instrument, you'll also likely begin performing for family or friends. Learning to play an instrument brings immense gratification just from being able to accomplish something. It certainly will help you find your better self.

So, what do you have to lose? Start learning an instrument today.

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