Streaming on radio waves everywhere, Lila Ike, Koffee and Sevana have captivated the minds of reggae music lovers with their traditional sounds mixed with an electric modern edge. All three sensations attribute their musical success to their humble beginnings in rural communities and the support and motivation they get from prominent reggae artists. 
Alicia Grey, more popularly known as Lilaike, grew up in a rural Manchester community with her three sisters and a single mother. Lila says her soulful beats come from the bond she shares with her small family. Music for her comes from a space of truth. In an Onstage interview she described herself as a “creative expresser”. 

Her music has grown tremendously since the start of 2019. Her her most recent achievement is a solo European tour slated to run tll the end of August.  

The 19-year-old reggae sensation Koffee birthed her career with a musical tribute to Usain Bolt in 2017. She says her stage name “ Koffee” was a nickname given to her by her high school classmate who found it quite strange that she chose to have a cup of hot coffee for lunch in the humid month of September. 
She says her careers spiraled after the traction she received from that post. Since then she has performed to  large crowds on local and international stages. Koffee promises to keep her lyrics clean and conscious and to continue being an inspiration to the youths of Jamaica.

At the age of 16, Sevana was first formally introduced to the music industry as the lead singer of the all-female trio SLR in the Digicel Rising Star competition. Determined to make it big in the competitive music industry, she reached out to Protege, who immediately fell in love with her music and invited her to perform at his annual show Live from Kingston. This talent discovered at the dinner table is loved by Reggae lovers yard and abroad.


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