Now that the Cannabis industry is booming worldwide Jamaica has finally come on board. As Cannabis dispensaries start popping up all over the island marijuana has become easily accessible to locals and tourists. Chances are you won't have to travel too far to find one. But there are restrictions from the Cannabis Licensing Authority, which regulates the industry here.

 Here is how they work:  

  1. You must be 18 years and older to enter. 
  2. You must have a government-issued ID at hand. 
  3. You must fill out a detailed patient information form/ waiver. 
  4. If you are interested in buying you need medical certification. Fortunately, you can use certifications from other countries that are still valid. For those without, there is always a medical practitioner on-site who can write you a prescription for ailments as simple as anxiety or chronic pain.  

With these steps completed, you are ready to enjoy the ultimate cannabis experience! 
Visitors are always accompanied by budtenders who are weed experts in their own right. They answer all your questions, inform you of store offerings and walk you through the process of buying the strain that's best for you. 

Whether you use cannabis or not, a trip to a dispensary should be on your bucket list. Among the treats you will find in the dispernsaries are pre-rolls, vape pens, grinders, oils, sativa, indica and hybrid strains.  

Check them out:

Kaya Herb house

Kaya Herb house is Jamaica’s first dispensary chain, with stores in Ocho Rios, St. Ann and one in Falmouth, Trelawny that is near the cruise ship pier. These locations all host cafes, smoking lounges and farm tours.

Epican has locations in the two major cities, Kingston and Montego Bay. They too have a smoking lounge. Called Hot Boxx, which allows customers to use marijuana on the premises. For the party lovers, they also host invigorating events at both locations. 
Island Strains

Island Strains is located on Montego Bay’s Hip Strip. It offers a unique experience for customers, with smoke lounges furnished with coaches and lounge chairs and a relaxing ocean deck. However, if you intend to buy anything please be sure to walk with some cash because this store does not accept payments by card. 
Sensi Medical Cannabis House

Sensi Medical Cannabis House is the most recent addition to the dispensary market and is located at the Pulse Center in New Kingston. 

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