With work-from-home officially ending this week, many of us are now back in the office. We must remember, though, that the pandemic is still with us. As we try to get into a new normal, here are five things that will help you create a safe working environment.

Limit the number of people coming into the office.

As the prime minister stipulated, where persons can telecommute, they should continue. Only those whose roles require their physical presence should go back to office.

Remind employees that they need to stay home if they or a family member are feeling unwell

Maintain social distancing while in the office.

Ensure you, your team or any visitors sit or stand six feet apart. Restrict the number of persons in the lunch or break room by staggering lunch hours or let workers eat at their desks. Where possible, meet in an open setting or use virtual meeting platforms and have them join from their desk

Disinfect regularly.

Ensure your employees have the supplies needed to clean their hands and disinfect their work surfaces; like liquid soap, disposable alcohol wipes or spray disinfectants and paper towels. Remind them to wipe down their area, headsets, telephones or keyboards throughout the day, more frequently where these are shared.


As summer approaches, we’ll use air conditioners and fans more often. Some studies show that both help to spread the novel coronavirus. So have everyone wear their masks properly and keep them on when in the office (and open a window.) Remind everyone to wash and dry their cloth masks every day.

Disinfecting Stations

Have a place for employees or visitors to adequately disinfect their hands before they enter the premises. While automated hand sanitizer dispensers or handwashing stations are great, even an alcohol solution will do the trick.

Good luck and keep safe!

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