Round up social media posts of celebrities imploring people to stay indoors.

Celebrities have always wielded extensive influence, especially in Jamaica. Now several homegrown superstars are putting their popularity to use in the pandemic. Check out these four Jamaican celebrities who are rallying their fans to stay home and keep safe:

Usain Bolt

The soon-to-be “Girl Dad” joined other celebs in endorsing the “#JamaicaTogether” campaign. In a video featured on his Instagram page, Bolt encouraged everybody to “stay inside” and “follow the government’s guidelines.” Staying on theme, he also urged Jamaicans to check-in on their family and friends.

With a  lush yard as his backdrop, the reigning 4x100m, 100m and 200m world-record holder couldn’t resist advocating for staying fit and healthy, even in quarantine. “Do some exercise, some jumping jacks, some crunches, even for 5 minutes, daily, you know what I mean?” he said. And we do .

Finally, between gaming, prepping for his new arrival with partner Kasi Bennett and doing his part to fight COVID-19,  the big man still found time to poke fun at his rivals.

Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce

The legendary sprinter won’t get the chance to add to her impressive legacy at the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo. Despite her disappointment, the star is using that same drive to support various novel coronavirus social media campaigns.

Collaborating with several sponsors, including Grace Foods and Digicel, Pryce made it a family affair, lending her voice, likeness and that of husband Jason to an animated short about COVID-19 preparations for her “sweet Jamaicans” (we love you too Shelly!)

Mommy Rocket used the caption to remind us that while unpleasant, all the lockdowns and quarantines serve a far greater purpose. “We are fighting for the vulnerable and even the healthy...please take the necessary precaution(s) to protect yourself and the ones you love.”

She ended with a refrain we should all now be familiar: “Practice social distancing, wash your hands and (of course) stay home.”

Ding Dong

We should be used to taking advice from Ding Dong by now. From 2007’s “Wacky Dip” to the more recent “Flairy”, Ding Dong’s tunes have long instructed us on the dance floor. And now, the Ravers Clavers leader’s latest track, “Inside”, offers more relevant guidance “fi di ‘Gram”. “Weh yu deh? Inside, inside.”

Along with sharing the best submissions for his “Inside Video Challenge”, the entertainer expressed his fears about the virus. “Nah lie, to how di place a run, mi haffi pree everybody like dem a walking gun. A loaded gun too, weh nuh have on nuh safety.” He noted that he was taking no chances. So, as we all try to flatten the COVID-19 curve, we should be following his lead on this one too. Jus’ chill inside.


The self-appointed and Vogue-styled “Queen of Dancehall” has been the subject of many a controversy. That didn’t stop the chart-topper from speaking out against Jamaicans who are unhappy with the measures put in place.

Posting to her Instagram Live, Spice insisted she had to say something, “You see some o’ unu? Unu seh unu nah nuh work, unu nuh have nuh food...unu soon nuh have nuh life if unu nuh listen! Stay a unu yaad!”

Spice got some flack for her video with many accusing the Portmore native of speaking from a place of wealth privilege. It likely didn’t help that she is currently at her second home in Atlanta (a proverbial “fire” to our “frying pan”). Still, she did get many co-signs from fans and colleagues, with the Minister of Health and Wellness even joining her Instagram Live to discuss COVID-19.

With some 13 million followers among them, we hope their message goes far and wide. Keep healthy and safe, and remember to “tan a yu yaad!”

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