People don’t typically associate surfing with Jamaica. You’re more likely to think of Hawaii or California. But, believe it or not, we actually have a well-established surfing community right here. After all, we are surrounded by sea, and for about eight months on the north and south coast beaches, there are many waves to ride. So why not make the most of that by trying out surfing?

Jamnesia Surf Club in Bull Bay is the premiere surf camp on the island. Established and run by local surfing legend Billy Willmott and his kids, Jamnesia offers surf lessons, board rentals, shuttles and day long trips to other cool surfing spots such as Boston Beach, Long Bay, Roselle, Prospect and others. Jamnesia is where surfers meet and network, and there are rooms to stay. 

The Surf Club even has a skating section where people practice when the waters are too rough or the seas too flat. A popular feature of the club is its ‘Surf Like a Girl’ programme, formed by Imani Wilmot. It teaches girls how to surf in a community where they can bond and work through issues. 

And when you’re finally good enough, the Jamaican Surfing Association holds competitions where you can show your skills. One usually well attended event is the Makka Pro Surfing Festival at Makka Surfing Beach, Southhaven, Yallas, St. Thomas. 

So, if you are looking for a therapeutic, exhilarating, liberating experience in a supportive community, give this exciting sport a try and help put Jamaica on the surfing map.

Image by David Neil Madden 

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