Have You Visited Kingston Night Market?

Have You Visited Kingston Night Market?

Want to shop early for that memorable gift for a special someone this Christmas? Look no further. Kingston Night Market is the perfect place to pick up unique Jamaican-made items that will please anyone. And, you can also enjoy an evening of food, drink and top-class entertainment in the well-lit and handsomely decorated courtyard market at 8 Hillcrest Avenue, just off Hope Road.

This weekly artisan and culture pop-up is held Tuesday evenings from 5:00 to 11:00pm, with entertainment starting at 8:00pm, in a relaxed family friendly atmosphere. The courtyard is filled with busy stalls, art displays, food stands, the Oak Wine Bar and energetic performances. KNM boasts local artisans’ creations in art, crafts, fashion, beauty, jewelry, health and wellness products, textiles, home accessories, Food, Drink and Fresh Produce. There’s always something to catch your eye and you can chat with the vendors about the process behind each piece.

To date, the entertainment has featured reggae, dancehall and classical musicians, poets and dancers. To celebrate its first anniversary on October 29th, the market put on a huge variety show that was headlined by Ken Booth. And, boy, did his fans turn out! Another night in October KNM celebrated the life and times of anthropologist, ethnomusicologist and cultural historian, the Honourable Olive Lewin, and featured Ibo Cooper, classical violinist Steven Woodham, the Jamaica Folk Singers and Darren Young, a member of the Jamaica Orchestra for Youth. 

Many visitors come for the lovely food in a variety of mouthwatering dishes. You can find delicious fruit bowls, cakes, doughnuts and smoothies. There is also burgers and grilled meats, roti and veggie stews. If you’d prefer a sit-down meal, the Fromage restaurant on the same premises is also a perfect spot to eat with friends before returning to the hubbub outside.

There’s something invigorating about this market after nightfall. It’s easy to see the twinkling not only of the stars but in peoples’ eyes as they enjoy a good vibe atmosphere. The brainchild of Hyacinth and Douglas MacDonald, the KNM has become an uptown attraction for visitors and Jamaicans vacationing at home. It offers something for everyone, especially if you are looking for a striking piece of art, an eye-catching new bag or a new skin-care routine to make you glow. Kingston Night Market has it all.  

You can see each week’s vendors and further info here.

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