If you’ve done it you probably know ziplining is more fun than frightening. as You sky-rocket through trees and dense forest up in the air while strapped into a harness zipping across a line. Sound terrifying? Perhaps. But if you want an exciting adventure and an exhilarating rush you could do worse. Try these ziplining places on the island.

  1. Chukka Tours offers zipline canopy adventures in Falmouth, Montego Bay, Ocho Rios and St. Elizabeth, and a new zipline attraction over Dunn’s River Falls, offering an aerial view of the landscape. 


  1. In Ocho Rios, Mystic Mountain’s several adventures include a Rainforest Zipline Canopy Tour. You can also enjoy the Sky Explorer chairlift, the Bobsled Tour and the newly opened Nancy’s Web Golf Course and Reggae Rock Climbing attraction. 


  1. Blue Mountain Bicycle Tours in Portland have also expanded to include ziplining activities. This zipline is unique in that it is the longest continuous one in Jamaica without the traditional stops on a regular zipline. Enjoy breath-taking views while gliding through the Blue Mountains, followed by a trek to a waterfall nearby at the end of the course. 


  1. H’Evans Scent was the first attraction to bring ziplines to Jamaica. Located in St. Ann, it also offers paintballing as well as an adventure park for the ultimate thrill-seeking experience. 


  1. Jamwest Motorsports and Adventure Park boasts not only a zipline but ATV, Safari, Jamwest Speedway Driving and Horseback Riding experiences. 

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