Are you ready for the lockdown? Got groceries? Know what you’re gonna binge watch? The three-weekend lockdowns threw some wrenches in more than a few plans. But never fear. Prips is here, with four ways to occupy your free time while you #tanayuyaad.

1) Chill. 

Prips is all about places to go and things to do in Jamaica, but we do understand the value of doing nothing. Life is busy enough. Weekends are perfect for sitting back and letting the hours pass at their leisure. Feel free to use this time to sleep in, relax and recharge for the weeks ahead! But if you insist on being productive...

2) Do some spring cleaning.

You’ll see a lot of those four walls over the next three weekends. Use this extra time to get on top of those chores you’ve forgotten (talk truth, when laas you clean behind the fridge?) or actively avoided, like cleaning out your closet. Trust us, you were never going to wear that dress or shirt again, and you certainly won’t wear it in lockdown. 
Any home improvement projects you’ve been putting off? The wall won’t paint itself! Now you have a lot of time on your hands to get it done. 

3) Bring out your inner bartender. 

You won’t be going out for a weekend drink for a little while. Why not bring the bar home? Even better, the Jamaica Rum Festival is happening as we speak. Celebrate by trying your hand at making a few of Jamaica’s favourite cocktails, especially since you won’t be driving (drunk driving is always a no-no). 

Want to learn from the experts? Join Rum Bar Rum and J Wray and Nephew on the 25th and 26th respectively for their online seminars. There’s still time to buy your tickets! Prefer a free tutorial? YouTube’s got you covered, which brings us to our next suggestion...

4) Fall down the Youtube rabbit hole. 

YouTube is a wonderland. One second you are watching your favourite influencer and the next, you are learning how to survive a zombie apocalypse. The possibilities are truly endless. That thing you’ve always wanted to learn how to do? Chances are there’s a YouTube tutorial for it. Go explore what Jamaica’s favourite social platform has to offer. 


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