3 TikTok Challenges to try (even without TikTok)

3 TikTok Challenges to try (even without TikTok)

Feeling bored in these lockdown times? Chances are, there's a challenge for that. Here are three fun "challenges" now popular on TikTok and other social media. Hope you can entertain yourself.

1. Wipe it down

Similar to the “Flip the switch” challenge, this shows participants cleaning their mirrors, only for anything from their “dressed to pussfoot” selves to fictional characters or even a completely different person appearing in their reflection. While it tugs on the uncanny, it’s also a chance for you to show some ingenuity. Who would you want to appear in the mirror?

2. Stank Walk      

The "Stank Walk" challenge began as means of attempting a particular walk, where one sticks out the small of one's back to emphasize one's behind. Now, however, thanks to the funny efforts of some TikTok stars, the challenge is a little different. Think of your least favourite bait and switch. First, happily "stank walk" towards whatever  "bait" you come up with, like an attractive offer of "Free drink". Then, recoil at the switch, or the fine print to that attractive offer (e.g. "With a purchase of..."). Er...it's better in action.

3. BananaDrop

This one is a choreographed dance, set to a portion of “Banana”, by Jamaican singer Conkarah, featuring Shaggy. With more than 10.1m videos, the challenge has taken off overseas, featuring on the page of Tiktok’s biggest star, Charli D’Amelio, gaining 8.4m likes. Considering its origins and the wining required, it’s a wonder why it hasn’t taken off here at home. Too close in name to Jada Kingdom’s hit single, perhaps? Whatever the case, no harm in showing a Jamaican yute some love while having some fun.

Happy challenging!