Summer fast approaches, and we know the sun can get brutal in Jamaica. That is not going to be fun after a pandemic. But don’t sweat it. Here are a few simple ways to beat this heat.

Sunscreen is your best friend, whatever your colour. That widespread belief that black people do not need sunscreen is fake news. Trust us, if you want to avoid sun spots, wrinkles or damaged skin tap that credit card. It may be your best summer investment. An added benefit is that some sunscreens leave a dewy sheen, giving your skin a lovely radiance.

Summer fashion can also play a big part in how you combat the heat. Wear looser-fitting garments like summer dresses and tank tops instead of bulky, tight pieces from your wardrobe. It gets difficult, of course, when you’re working in a corporate setting. But you can innovate. Another helpful hint for your summer styles is to choose your colours carefully. Whites and light colours don’t absorb heat as much as dark ones. They reflect heat, so your scorching days are more tolerable.

With the rising heat, we sweat more,. That means greater discomfort, frequent showers and larger water bills. But even that situation has a hack. Jamaica is not called the land of wood and water for nothing. We have rivers galore that you should visit when it’s 93 degrees in the shade. River settings tend to be breezy, cool and comfortable. And the beaches and mountains are always there for you to enjoy.

Have a festive and relaxing summer and stay cool!

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