Summer is one of our favourite times of the year for reasons that should surprise no one. We look forward to its enticing distractions like beach outings, cook-outs, and blow out parties like Dream Weekend and concerts like Reggae SumFest. The summer of 2022 will be no different, except in one important way. We can almost bet that it is likely to go down as the summer we got our lives back! Whatever the officials say many people have clearly put
the pandemic behind them.

The irony of summer is that things slow down and heat up at the same time. The longer days give the uber productive more time to do what they must. For others, a carefree spirit sets in and they leave work and other stresses behind. No school and people taking time off also mean fewer cars on the road and freed up traffic. We glide through our purposeful missions like the roads are our personal guideway to our destinations.

A big part of summer is the family experience. Households spend more time together doing what they enjoy. And with the kids on vacation the world seems to be mostly about fun. Lazy summer days also bring fond memories that last a lifetime. They come out of our adventures, the easy comradery we find in such times and even the love we share. Those of a certain age expect to meet the love of their life in summer’s bliss.

This summer, Jamaicans are brimming with anticipation for a notable reason. The country is preparing to celebrate 60 years of independence so the excitement is now palpable. Everyone and their sister is producing an event and tying it to this milestone. Jamaicans abroad are expected to come home in droves since Covid-19 had forced delays in holiday visits, and our tourists numbers are climbing as travel restrictions ease. We pray that everyone stays safe and take the time to maximize the fun while the sun is out.

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