Despite the heat, most of us want to have some fun in the sun. Outside offers much more excitement than the indoor activities admired by today’s technologically addicted youth. Back in the day, parents had to threaten children to stay inside. Now they have to chase young people outside. 

For those who don’t have a clue about how to enjoy the outdoors, we offer a throwback to some Jamaican games we used to play: 

  1. Stuckie.In this game the only safe haven is the “base”, usually a tree. If you are not on base and get touched anywhere at all, even if they touched the tip of your shirt, you get stuck! You lose and game over! 


  1. Bull Inna Pen.Many believe that it inspired the dance “raging bull.” The game was played by making a circle around one person (the bull) who is expected to try to escape in any way possible. Those on the outside are expected to be “the pen” and restrict the bull.


  1. Twi Twi Twi.Twi comes from an African Language, so this game is probably part of our cultural retention. It is the ultimate test of focus. If you are able to do four-way Twi Twi Twi and make it past “Like to hear the robin go Twi Twi Twi” level, you’re a pro!


  1. Dandi Shandi. Also called “sightings” this was a very popular game for all Jamaicans. Although not as popular today, it is still played at family gatherings or school events. It involves the use of a juice box stuffed with whatever is nearby that is thrown at the persons in the middle who is expected to avoid the juice box. If you get hit, you’re out!


  1. Chiney Skip.This game was a favourite for girls and they took pride in braiding all those elastics together, just don’t make it sting yuh! To be honest, we are not sure how you truly win. But for starters it can be the person who jumps highest.  


  1. 1-2-3 Red Light.This game is one reason why we are so swift and reactive on our feet. Let’s be real if you are able to run metres in seconds and stop in an instant without warning, you are a star athlete in the making or a potential Jamaican taxi driver. 


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