5 Places to Treat Your Graduate

5 Places to Treat Your Graduate

Proud parents all across Jamaica are preparing their best outfits to attend their child’s graduation. For many, this means requesting days off from work as often these ceremonies are held during work hours (we’re sure bosses get frustrated at this). But these must-attend events mark an important life moment for both parent and child as they celebrate successes and growth.
How they celebrate after takes many forms. The obvious are eateries where there is a good vibe, plenty of space and tasty food. But some people choose other ways of celebrating that offer as much fun and camaraderie as a family restaurant dinner. Below we offer ideas for both in 5 places in Kingston that both parents and children are sure to enjoy.

1. TGI Fridays 

This restaurant chain is ideal for casual dining in a fun, relaxed environment for everyone to enjoy! Teenagers seem happy here and come in big numbers, so make a reservation. You’ll want to take advantage of their Make Lunch Countpromotion available Monday to Thursday. #Yum

TGI Fridays

2. Devon House (I Scream)

Who can resist the delicious taste of Devon House ice cream? The younger graduates certainly cannot. Tucked away on the breezy grounds of Devon House in the heart of Kingston there are plenty spaces to spread out and enjoy their more than 27 flavours, including Bordeaux Cherry, Rocky River and Pistachio.

Devon House

3. Tracks and Records

Usain Bolt’s Track & Records offers a strong taste of Jamaican flavour in their menu and décor. The sports lounge is huge, at 7000 square feet and 200 seats, making it perfect for large groups like a graduation celebration with family.

Tracks and Records

4. Grog Shoppe

The Grog Shoppe Restaurant offers tasty Jamaican and International cuisine, with a difference. It sits on the grounds of Devon House in an area heavily shaded with some magnificent trees. Grog Shoppe has both indoor and outdoor dining and a new section (La Pizzeria) that has a reputation as the best pizza in town. You can’t find a better place for a large group dining.  

Grog Shoppe

5. Holywell Recreational Park

Celebrate graduation with an adventure! If you and your clan are looking for something active and out of the ordinary you won’t find anything better than Holywell, the national park in the Blue Mountains. It offers four natural trails that are perfect for hiking, a Children’s Discovery Zone and coffee/farm tours. 

Holywell Recreational Park


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