5 Lovely Jamaican Beaches that are still free

5 Lovely Jamaican Beaches that are still free

Whether it is to unwind and soak up some sun, chill with friends or enjoy a family day, Jamaicans love the beach. But these days some beaches are charging for use, and it has upset many people. So, instead of paying to visit Puerto Seco and other privately-owned beaches, we offer 5 beautiful beaches you can visit free!

Winnifred Beach

This is an immensely popular beach in Port Antonio on Jamaica’s east coast. Also known as the Fairy Hill Beach, it is a great place to relax, swim or hang out with friends. Local food vendors sell some of Portland’s finger-licking jerk chicken here, and the offshore reef is ideal for snorkeling. On weekends, the place comes alive with parties, donkey rides and beach volleyball.

Pleasure Cove

One of Ocho Rios’ best-kept secrets this beach is secluded and private, making it very attractive to tourists and locals who find it. It has a beach bar and an affordable restaurant serving delicious local food (try the fried fish).  The volleyball net, swing and the shallow waters make Pleasure Cove a perfect family beach.

Bluefields Beach Park

This lovely area is small, and in a quiet part of Westmoreland. Weekdays, you can find locals from nearby communities snorkeling, kayaking or just relaxing in its clear waters. Family picnics and parties keep the beach park busy on weekends and holidays, as many tourists and locals make it their out-of-town beach destination.

Dead End Beach

Also known as Buccaneer Beach, this lovely spot is located at the northern end of central Montego Bay (hence the name). The beach is not large, making it attractive for intimate gatherings or small family affairs. If you’ve ever flown into the Donald Sangster Airport, you would have seen Dead End Beach. Locals usually come to the beach to watch the planes fly in or view the sunset in the evenings. 

Mahogany Beach

This small but charming beach is popular with Ocho Rios residents because it offers a nearby escape from the hustle and bustle of the town centre. There is a beach bar, restaurant and souvenir stand on the shore and a secluded lagoon area where many go swimming. Except for when cruise ship passengers drop in, Mohogany feels like your very own private beach.  

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