Floyd’s Pelican Bar
Want a great adventure in the middle of the sea? Boat out to Floyd’s Pelican Bar for a drink with friends in the middle of the beautiful Caribbean Sea. It is definitely something to brag about! When you arrive at this rustic bar, you do not have to worry about a thing. And if you’re not a great swimmer? No worries! The inviting water is only waist deep here.

Blackwell Rum Bar 
What better place exists to enjoy a tasty glass of wine than the caves at Blackwell? We know you’ve never taken a coral staircase down to the water’s edge, cross a wooden footbridge and arrive at a secret cave. Well, that is exactly how you get to this amazing bar! The walls are real-life volcanic cliffs. Come, sip your drink, and enjoy the moon gleam over the waves and release its magic. 

Rick’s Cafe
It’s the stuff of mythology. People from all corners of the globe romanticize this iconic bar in their memories of Jamaica’s North Coast. Rick’s Café is gorgeous, stunning and cliff jumping exciting. It’s now a global brand and never ceases to amaze the first time visitor with its Negril chic ambiance.

Calico Jack Pirate Island
A15 minute boat ride will take you to Calico Jack Pirate Island, just north of Negril. This hidden treasure perched on a private island is a delightful exclusive hideaway. The staff helps you experience the pirate life and style dressed in the clothing of those naughty denizens of old. It’s something different and memorable. 

Sun Beach Bar
Sun Beach Bar is as casual as they come. The Bar is most famous for its swinging plastic chairs where patrons relax while gazing out to sea sipping drinks. Functional tables on the beach let you enjoy a romantic meal with most food choices of Jamaican dishes.

Memorabilia Bar & Grill
Near the Ironshore section of Montego Bay, you will find one of that resort town’s secrets. Very unpretentious and with reasonably priced drinks, this bar and grill is perfect for escaping the crowds one finds on nearby beaches. It sits on a small gorgeous white sand beach and offers all you can take of blissful Caribbean breezes. 

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