Please join us in bigging up Women’s History Month, celebrated around the world along with International Women's Day. While the struggle for gender equality is far from over, we can still acknowledge and promote the achievements of women.

March was chosen because of its historical significance to the women's rights movement in the United States. On March 8th, 1857, women in New York City's garment industry went on strike to protest poor working conditions and low wages. This event is now recognized in the West as the first organised women's strike in history.

Women’s Month in Jamaica was first celebrated in 1991. Now, various events and activities are organised across the island to recognize the achievements of Jamaican women. These include panel discussions, workshops, cultural exhibitions, and entertainment that highlight the contributions of women to Jamaican society.

One of the key goals of Women's History Month in Jamaica is to raise awareness about issues affecting women and to promote gender equality. These include gender-based violence, discrimination, and unequal access to education and employment opportunities.

Celebrating Women's History Month also gives us an opportunity to look back at how much Jamaican women have contributed to our politics, business, sports, and the arts, among others.

In recent years, Women's History Month in Jamaica has focused on the theme of "Balance for Better." This theme spotlights the need for gender balance in all areas of our society and recognizes that it is essential for Jamaica to progress and develop. It is an important platform to help us work towards a more just and equitable society for all.   


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