We have all been there. That unsettling gaze at a blank whatever searching for a creative spark. Sadly, we postpone the work hoping for the perfect moment to tap our creativity. But all that does is limit our output. Instead, we should summon our energy and dig deep. The key to creativity is to shape ideas and inspiration from what’s around us. Here are a few ways to do that.

Do something different everyday
A daily routine gets boring fast. Switch activities to maintain your creativity. Add spontaneity, do something different. Forget your to-do lists. Indulge in what you've always wanted to do but haven't found the time. Plan at least one of these every week, and just do it. Go fete with your friends! Grab lunch with your co-workers! When you’re spontaneous you’re likely to create great memories.

Find an inspiration platform
It is okay to seek external inspiration in your creative process. If you are stuck don't hesitate to explore Tik Tok, Pinterest, YouTube or even Open.AI. In this digital age these media platforms bring rich resources to inspire you.

Find a Community
Connecting with like-minded people is always a major mind stimulant. Nothing beats a strong support system to motivate and inspire creatives. Find your brethren or sistren and your mission becomes obvious.

Although Jamaicans are supposed to be creative people, it doesn't always come easy. Doing anything that will stir wonder takes intentional effort. Give yourself some space, let your thoughts wander, or get up and do something that will surprise you. Spend time alone, act on your impulse! Creativity is all about process, not just the end result. Have fun!