Ever thought of serenading someone with a beautiful violin ballad? Or jamming along on a bass guitar to you favourite Bob Marley tune? If you said yes, then learning an instrument is a good idea for you. Playing an instrument brings many benefits other than becoming a musical star.


It’s Monday and the week ahead may be grueling. You’re ready to tackle all tasks, but you are probably not feeling the mood or the taste for anything meat-like, especially since it is still lent. So here are three meals that are easy to make, absolutely delicious and most importantly MEAT-FREE.


A few weeks ago we read an article about the longstanding, far reaching,  but rarely discussed issue that millions of teenage girls (and women) face – Period Poverty. Period poverty is the inability to afford sanitary napkins.


This generation is often labeled lazy, soft and unnervingly entitled.  But few say they have no talent.  Many in this generation carry the ‘multi-hyphenate’ that is, they actively pursue numerous talents and skills all at once, hence the multiple hyphens to describe their professions. They clearly want to  fully experience the world as multifaceted beings.


Being stylish is so much more than bodycon dresses or tight ripped jeans. It’s about having your own aesthetic, a defined sense of fashion, smart ways of mixing and matching and a consistency about it. And it is not always tangible.

video games

Today, it’s not just youth who find playing video games useful. The pandemic forced many adults to seek escape from harsh realities, like movement restrictions and the ways we entertain ourselves. Games have become an essential distraction since Covid-19 hit us.  Now many of us have become familiar with Super Mario, Candy Crush, and The Sims.

February is only one month removed from those New Year’s resolutions we made. But we
know for some those resolutions are already relics. We also know one of the most common
new year’s resolutions is to lose weight. Most of us want to get into the best shape of our
lives or simply fit our belt one notch tighter than last year.

Otaheiti Apples! Yum!

You’ll see them at most major intersections, bagged by the half dozen or dozen, the plastic pricked so the fruits breathe, with bold variations of unmistakable red. Yes – its Otaheiti time!

After long vacations or breaks, parents often find it hard to get their children back into the school routine. Many students experience sleep issues, can’t finish homework, or can’t focus in class. Now that the pandemic has kept most students out of physical school for nearly two years, bringing them back into a routine could be daunting.

That Friday Feeling

With all the talk of Delta, Omicron, Deltracon (nope – we’re not kidding) and the ensuing stabs at Megatron and Decepticon, that ‘Friday Feeling’ knowing the weekend approaches can be euphoric.

Let’s face it, getting out of bed Friday morning for work is a LOT easier than on a Monday – and Fridays seem to move that much faster. Are we right? Or are we right... Read More