From traditional classroom instruction to makeshift living room virtual lessons, we've all had to adjust to a new normal in recent months. Whether you've thrived in your online classroom or craved in-person interactions with your peers, you've made the best of this unexpected situation.

Between JPS bills and gas we know your pocket is near empty. And let’s not talk about the food in the supermarket where the prices are higher than Blue Mountain Peak.  The restaurants have jumped their prices, too, and even party prices are getting out of reach. To help you out, we are sharing some activities you can enjoy for little or no money.

Our job is to prips you on parties and events on this vibrant slice of paradise we call home. But we also know that wah sweet yuh, can sour yuh, too. So we are sharing these few tips to maximize your fun and minimize a potential RADAM! (Check IG).

This year Jamaica celebrates 60 years of independence under the theme Reigniting a Nation for Greatness. People here and in the Diaspora plan to mark this milestone with festivities of all kinds. These include church services, street parades, fun fairs, concerts, beach parties, beauty pageants and a host of other activities that will culminate with the Grand Gala... Read More

We see extreme weather daily around the globe. We feel it in Jamaica with hotter summers, beach erosion, decreasing rainfall and drought. Heatwaves, fires, floods and hurricanes are increasingly severe and more people around the world will die as a result. The elderly and those at risk are most often the victims, but rising heat and humidity bring dangers even for... Read More

Summer is one of our favourite times of the year for reasons that should surprise no one. We look forward to its enticing distractions like beach outings, cook-outs, and blow out parties like Dream Weekend and concerts like Reggae SumFest. The summer of 2022 will be no different, except in one important way. We can almost bet that it is likely to go down as the... Read More

Most public schools resumed face-to-face classes two months ago. Jamaica’s schools were first closed March 13th, 2020 because of Covid-19 and we saw the start of remote learning. Some students did well in this mode, but others suffered. Without devices for online school and limited access to WI-FI many fell behind their grade level or took longer to finish the... Read More

Everybody ready fi di road again! This summer is special because we all have been living with Covid-19 restrictions for two years and now want some fun in the sun.  And although the pandemic is still with us, summer events are wooing patrons as they return to a more relaxed atmosphere. These include Mocha Fest, Festival of Floats, Zimi Seh Riva, Reggae SumFest,... Read More


This year’s theme for Child’s Month (May) is “Listen Up, Children’s Voices Matter.” The National Child Month Committee says the theme seeks to empower children and bring attention to their needs. The NCMC asks that the nation support children and guide  their development.

Fae Ellington said it at the start of the show where she was the MC. Basil Dawkins said it at the end of the play he wrote. Theatre is back and the stage is alive again. Fae shared the pain the industry suffered under Covid-19. Basil said he went numb when the theatres went silent.