Champs Trivia for the Prips Champs Giveaway!


Jamaica is track and field country. Perhaps that’s why Champs (the ISSA Boys and Girls Championships) is the most anticipated athletic event. It’s our chance to see the athletes who will solidify their place in our history books and those who may find glory on the world stage.
Of course, this year looks a lot different. With no spectators, Champs won’t have its usual vibe. Still, Prips wanted to help three Champs fans enjoy the event like they were there!
Our #PripsChampsGiveaway asked three questions for a chance to watch the final day of Champs online and ad-free. We have our winners so it’s time to give you the answers!
Day 1: What year was the first Inter-Secondary School Championship Sports Event held?
Answer: 1910. In that year, six of Jamaica’s oldest high schools came together to host the inaugural event: Munro College (then called Potsdam), St. George’s, Wolmer’s, Jamaica College, New College and Mandeville Middle Grade. Only boys participated in that first event. The first girls’ event was held separately four years later.
Day 2: Which school has the longest winning streak in Champs history?
Answer: Vere Technical. While Kingston College holds the record for boys (14 years), the Clarendon high school (Merlene Ottey's and VCB’s alma mater!) holds the highest overall record (15 years). That streak started in 1979 and ended in 1993.
Day 3: What year was the Boys and Girls Champs merged?
Answer: 1999. While the two events started in the 1910s, the girls’ events saw a series of hiatuses until 1961. Both have been held every year since (except, of course, for 2020). Unfortunately, shrinking revenue threatened the girl’s event, so the two were combined to ensure our girls were able to compete.

Bonus fact: Only two schools have ever won both the boys AND girls champs event (before the merger): Excelsior High and St. Jago.

Good luck to the athletes on this final day!

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