In a nation known for patriotic citizens, Jamaican Emancipendence season is always celebrated
to the max. Because Emancipation and Independence fall within five days of each other, there
are abundant events that evoke national pride. Here are a few for you to enjoy in this glorious

Independence Church Service - July 30, 2023
Emancipendence festivities begin as early as Sunday, July 30th for Christians. So consult your
local church to see when they will offer prayers of thanksgiving and worship. In Kingston, there
is a big Independence Church Service at the Waltham Park New Testament Church of God at 9
am. to celebrate our August 1st Independence Anniversary.

Emancipation Jubilee - July 31, 2023
This annual festival takes place at Seville Heritage Park in St. Ann. It honours our emancipated
African ancestors and their huge contributions to Jamaica. There will be traditional drumming
choruses along with dance, fashion, and delicacies of Jamaican culture. The reading of the
Emancipation Proclamation and the special ceremony that follows make the Jubilee a staple event
for the Emancipedence celebrations.

Augus ’Mawning Market & National Festival Queen Crowning - August 1, 2023
Festival Village at the National Arena is the place to be on Emancipation Day, with its wide
array of cultural activities. It starts at 6:00 am and is expected to attract large crowds because of
the fresh produce and culinary delights. The crowning of the National Festival Queen will take
place at the Village at 8:00 pm. That will bring vibes and excitement as poised young ladies grace
the stage to show their national pride.

Mello-Go-Roun - August 3, 2023
This JCDC event is a family festival in the National Arena, the hub for cultural Emancipendence
events. Mello-Go-Roun always delivers quality performances since most solo and group acts will
be top awardees in the JCDC competition held earlier this year. Certainly, this makes for an
extravagant showcase of music, dance, drama and so much more.

Grand Gala - August 6, 2023
This is always the most highly anticipated independence event in Jamaica. Every year on August
6th, the National Stadium is filled to capacity with patriotic Jamaicans dressed in their Black
Green and Gold ready to enjoy an evening of musical and dance performances capped with a
mesmerizing fireworks display. Indeed, it is a night for Jamaicans to bask in their culture with
much admiration and pride.