February is only one month removed from those New Year’s resolutions we made. But we
know for some those resolutions are already relics. We also know one of the most common
new year’s resolutions is to lose weight. Most of us want to get into the best shape of our
lives or simply fit our belt one notch tighter than last year.

Those holiday pounds helped to keep us warmer in the colder months. But as we inch closer
to summer our weight is no longer cute. Losing some of it may seem like a super power, but
if you haven’t abandoned that resolution we may be able to show you an easy way.
It’s simply doing more of something you already do naturally, walk. Even those who work at
home must walk to the kitchen or the mailbox or the supermarket. So, if you are mindful with
your day you probably can find a few ways to add more steps that you’ll barely notice. Trust
us, you will benefit greatly.

A simple 10 minute walk after meals can be a game changer for losing weight because it
raises your metabolism to burn calories faster. And it doesn’t have to be after a meal. You
could simply walk around your block while you think through a problem. Or use your legs to
go someplace nearby where you usually drive. The London School of Economics and Political
Science says three 10 minute walks a day can add 3000 steps that can burn 130 calories. This
may not seem like much, but over time it can lead to big gains.

Of course, finding time to do three ten-minute walks isn’t easy for working folk and/or those who
drive. But just a tiny bit of effort should allow you to do at least two. Please note we didn’t say this
routine would get you shredded, but “every mikkle mek a mukkle.” We believe it’s a pretty good
investment for 10 or twenty minutes of your day. The committed can do 30 minutes. With little
additional effort, that walk, or walks, can help you lose weight and look good.

We hope you add this underrated fat burning to your tool box of exercises. It promotes restful
sleep, and improves posture and muscle tone. We believe it can work and it’s something that can
be easily incorporated into your life without creating too much excitement. Good luck on your
weight loss journey. As for us, we just had dinner and a nice walk, giving the food a chance to