Many see networking as one of those meaningless buzzwords thrown around social media. We agree that both the word and its intent have been misused. But the art of networking has great value. The hard reality is that your degree alone isn’t likely to land your dream job. We are now expected to build connections with those who can help us on our professional journeys. So  mastering the art of networking is a must. Here are a few reasons why it will help you succeed.

Access to Opportunities
Networking helps you find mentorship opportunities, employment and even new clients for business. On LinkedIn and Facebook companies promote jobs, projects, and other professional opportunities. Use those platforms to network with others in your industry. Senior management tends to have a sweet spot for young aspiring professionals with potential. It is your personal responsibility to let it be known you are in the market. Networking at in-person events may even be more valuable because people can assess you immediately.

Knowledge Exchange
Networking lets you learn from and impart knowledge to other in your field. It’s all about give and take. More than likely you can help those in your network with your skills and connections just as they can help you. Say you are a skilled graphic designer, it may be possible to help an older professional with computer skills. Similarly, they may have greater knowledge of artwork preparation for traditional media. Giving and getting is a firm foundation for meaningful connections. 

Building Relationships
Networking should not only be about work. Building long-lasting connections with like-minded experts in your industry often has social benefits and helps form friendships. People with the same interests, work ethic and career goals will likely have other things in common. Sharing other experiences with those in your network solidifies the relationship.

Whether you are just starting your career or trying to change jobs, networking should be a priority to ensure a successful future.

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