PANDEMIC SALUTE! Randy Griffiths


Our pandemic salute this month goes to Randy Griffiths, who awarded a four-year scholarship and tablet computer to high schooler Avatar Muschett, after learning about the student’s plight. 

Founder of the non-profit organisation Pencils4Kids, Griffiths will also covdf the Clarendon College student’s transportation and lunch money. A Pencils4Kids shared Muschette’s story with Griffith and it touched his heart. “I could have been an Avatar,” he told a reporter. “It’s about someone in need, and wanting to make a difference.”

Muschette’s mother, Charmaine Warburton, a registered practical nurse was having a hard time getting a job and sought help. Overwhelmed at the presentation, she could barely find words to thank the generous donor.
We salute you and your team, Mr. Griffiths!