Our job is to prips you on parties and events on this vibrant slice of paradise we call home. But we also know that wah sweet yuh, can sour yuh, too. So we are sharing these few tips to maximize your fun and minimize a potential RADAM! (Check IG).

  1. Plan your night

We equate fun with spontaneity and enjoying the moment.  Many believe planning things out detracts from the vibes. But we know when things are properly coordinated there is less room for error, and more capacity for fun. Organize how you and your crew are getting to the event, and back home. Have a mental timeline of your night for arrival and departure, and everything in between. This way you ensure things go according to plan, and you and yours remain safe.

  1. Study yuh fren dem!

Whenever you go out, always keep an eye on your crew. Never let friends wander off alone, and check in with them often to make sure everything is okay. If you must separate, share your live location so you reconnect without issue. Note key information like the taxi plate number or what they are wearing. Most importantly, don’t let your friends do anything too dumb, like drinking and driving.

  1. Careful with the cup inna yuh rum

While outside living our maddest lives we may want to enhance the experience with alcohol or other substances. Please respect your limit and drink responsibly. The goal is to enhance your experience, not to one-up anyone or out-do any previous experience. Please stay hydrated. Drink water often and encourage your friends to do the same. Be mindful of what you are drinking, and never leave your drink unattended.

  1. Gas nuh cheap … not talking petrol

Food is the body's fuel. It helps you function optimally, even under the influence of certain substances. Jerk man, and Soupy are your best friends. Get something warm in your system to help you survive the night. You don’t want to end your night blacked out, or in hospital, or uncomfortable and unable to enjoy yourself. If you are not certain there will be food at the venue, eat before you go.

  1. Keep some things close to your chest

Store your valuables in a zippered bag or pouch that can be strapped around your body. A few must-haves are a charged phone, your get vex cash, inhalers or epipens and some form of identification. Even a snack.

We hope you make the most of the summer, and enjoy yourselves responsibly. As always, stay tuned to Prips for more tips and updates.