Security Takes Time

Security Takes Time

We like open spaces and places. Even in disenchanting Kingston. That’s why we enjoyed Liguanea before it was denuded, and why we always feel like streaking on King’s House grounds. We even have a slight attraction to Trafalgar Road because of its width at some points. And Palisadoes is to die for given its roadside spaces and views of the harbor and the Atlantic Ocean.

But we dread going out. Sometimes we may even avoid it. And it is not because the intruders and criminals frighten us. We can be badass, too, and might frighten them on the right day. But all those open doors that set us free become a time prison when we have to leave the house.

When it is time to go out, we must spend many minutes locking up all those doors and grills. We must close several bolts and as many locks, and then set the alarm for those of us who have one. With our busy lives, these days we often pop in and out several times a day. Now we realize we have to spend more time opening and closing doors and grills than it takes for us to shower or dolls up.

We almost want to forego a shower just to have enough time for locking up. Imagine, late at night when energy is low: Let’s see, should we shower or should we lock up? Well, unpleasant though it may be, the choice is obvious.

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