Covid – 19 has affected everyone, from individuals and families to businesses. With the added stress of this pandemic, it is important we prioritize time for relaxation and self-care. Treating oneself to a little relaxation is a form of self-love, and taking time to do things you enjoy is essential for a healthy mindset. Need any tips or ideas on how to relax? Keep reading.

Tip #1: Take a bath or hot shower. Sounds simple, right? Exactly, self-care can be the simplest thing that allows your mind and body to take a mini-vacation. A hot bath or shower at day’s end helps you rewind and gives you a chance to collect your thoughts and emotions by reviewing your day and allowing yourself to be present with those emotions.

Tip #2: Practice mindfulness. Downloading mental health apps such as Calm sets time in your day for you to practice being mindful. This involves sitting by yourself, being silent and paying keen attention to your body’s thoughts, sounds, feelings and breathing. Try not to be distracted and give your body and mind time to connect with each other. Being mindful can also be practiced through yoga. Yoga helps you to relax, find balance and maintain regular exercise. That, in turn, promotes a good sleeping pattern. Regular exercise supports good emotional wellbeing and staying healthy.

Tip #3: Find a new hobby. Hobbies can be fun and exciting, and can be anything you want them to be. Reading, swimming, knitting, crocheting, making Tik Toks or listening to music are all fun things to do in your free time. They give you a space to be creative, open and to be yourself. You may even be able to profit from some hobbies. And who doesn’t want to earn more by doing what they love?

Tip #4: Spend quality time with family and friends. Although the pandemic hinders us from being physically close, we can learn to appreciate a daily video chat. Calling your family and friends lets you maintain the bonds with them and enjoy laughter and smiles to ease your stress. Sharing issues is useful and may even result in solutions from them. After all … we are in this together.


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