Events Calendar

Free CSEC English and Math classes will be held online on Zoom. 

1. On each date and time that the classes are being held, visit Econ Infinity-Pro Instagram page. 

2. Look in the bio description for a Zoom link which is for all the sessions - both Math And English. 

3. Click the link and launch Zoom to enter the classroom. classes are for all students doing Csec Math and English Language.

No Registration Needed.

Wed, November 08 - 12:00am
Spark Series - Introduction to Lighting for Video

This workshop is inclusive and perfect for everyone, whether you're just starting out in studio or outdoor lighting or simply looking for a refresher. 
Come and explore: 

  • Introduction to Lighting for Video
  • Video Lighting Fundamentals
  • Setups for Content Creation
  • Budget Music Video Lighting 
  • Lighting for Outdoor 

Cost: $8,500 JMD 

Participants get 20% off all lighting gear! 

To register, visit:

Wed, November 08 - 10:00am
Latin night at GM Cuban Bar

Let the beats of salsa, bachata, and more Latin rhythms ignite the GM Cuban Bar's dance floor. Get ready for an electrifying evening with the top-notch DJ Andy spinning the best Latin tunes this and every Wednesday. 

Wed, November 08 - 8:00pm