Restaurant Week -Meet the Chefs


Meet the Chefs- Online Supper Club on Zoom 
June 12th - June 17th @8 pm 

Monday 12 June Jamaican Style
From KINGSTON, Jamaica to CHANDLER, Arizona- MEET our
Jamaican chef extraordinaire Karen Palmer-Hot Pot
Caribbean Cuisine Restaurant- Bringing us Ackee and Saltfish a National Dish of Jamaica

Tuesday 13th June VEGAN/VEGETARIAN
MEET Chef Lois Baker from Sweet Sosumba Restaurant
A Vegan's Delight in Washington, DC

Wednesday 14th June HAITIAN CREATION
MEET Chef VA The Haitian Creation 2023
What will she bring for us tonight?
A traditional meal? Hello in Atlanta, GA

MEET Chef CHARMAINE LORD She is bringing us breadfruit vodka cocktails and codfish fritter
appetizers with a twist!

Friday 16th June SEA AND FARM TO TABLE
MEET Chef Llewellyn Clarke from Nevis with his fillet snapper and mango salsa

Saturday 17th June FOOD TRUCK NIGHT!
It's FOOD TRUCK NIGHT!... join us as Food Truck owners bring us ideas and all that fun!

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