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First incorporated in Jamaica in 1954 Hi-Lo Food Stores was bought by Grace Kennedy & Company Limited in 1984. The chain, with 13 stores across Jamaica, operates as a member of the Grace Foods & Services Division.

Brooklyn Supermarket

Brooklyn Supermarket is ideal for all your grocery needs, offering a varied selection of products, including fruits and vegetables, staples, personal care, household care products, general merchandise, and dairy products, and much more.

John R. Wong

John R. Wong has been in business for over forty years. It is one of Jamaica's premier supermarkets and offers a range of household food items at the best prices, including meats, produce, pet foods, household items and personal hygiene items. 1 Tobago Ave Kingston 5 Jamaica Kingston, 

General Food

General Food Supermarkets provide the widest variety of local and imported items. Discounts, senior discounts and loyalty programme. Wholesale & case prices available in Liguanea. Shop 53 Ocean Village Shopping Centre, Ocho Rios, St.