The Butcher Block

Upper Manor Park Plaza Shop #A7
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Opening Hours:
Tue-Sat: 10am-6pm
Sun: 11am-3pm
Mon: Closed

Butcher Block was founded in 2017 by Gregory and Kristen Burrowes, much to the delight of their loyal family of customers. The gourmet food store specialises in all of your entertainment needs. As a ‘traditional’ butcher shop, it boasts an assortment of beef, pork, lamb and seafood. What makes Butcher Block revolutionary, is their handpicked selection of cheeses, wines, spices and condiments. Butcher Block has become the go-to-store for cooking, grilling and entertaining; we are your family-friendly butcher.

WhatsApp : (876)840-3460
Facebook : The Butcher Block Ja
Instagram : @thebutcherblockja

The Butcher Block
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