Grill Shack

9-11 Phoenix Ave
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Grill Shack started operations in 2012. People fell in love with our signature Jerk BBQ sauce and our uniquely seasoned fries. Customers would patiently wait in long queues as they watched their food being freshly prepared before them. The sizzle and smoke from our 100% beef burger or a rack of ribs hitting the grill filled the air with an aroma that excited the taste buds and was irresistible to passers-by. 
With years of growing love and support from our valued customers, Grill Shack is a full service restaurant catering to the needs of our customers, with increased menu offerings such as pastas and other entrees. 
Grill Shack is nestled at 9-11 Phoenix Avenue, just off Hope Road as we continue to be a hidden gem in the busy city. We are surrounded by lush greenery with a warm and comfortable atmosphere providing flavourful, mouth-watering meals and impeccable service. Grill Shack is where value meets style.

Grill Shack
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