The days are hot, our roads are dangerous and you simply can't be bothered with walking at all. It wasn’t always that way Years ago, our grandparents walked for miles to get to the market, church and school. Their journeys were not the easiest and it definitely took them some time to get around. But it paid off with the long life and health they enjoyed.  

A super food, a very popular spice and a protector against vampires, garlic has it all. Jamaicans put it in about every dish we can, and for good reason, too. Besides being an amazing spice with amazing flavour, garlic also has numerous health benefits. But first, some history.

Buying books and making uniforms are not the only back to school traditions practiced in Jamaican households. You missed out on the perfect childhood experience if you were not forced by your parents to partake in either one of the following activities as the dreadful September morning approached. 

Now that the Cannabis industry is booming worldwide Jamaica has finally come on board. As Cannabis dispensaries start popping up all over the island marijuana has become easily accessible to locals and tourists. Chances are you won't have to travel too far to find one. But there are restrictions from the Cannabis Licensing Authority, which regulates the industry... Read More

Streaming on radio waves everywhere, Lila Ike, Koffee and Sevana have captivated the minds of reggae music lovers with their traditional sounds mixed with an electric modern edge. All three sensations attribute their musical success to their humble beginnings in rural communities and the support and motivation they get from prominent reggae artists. 

We’re deep in summer and for kids that means two things – no school (unless you have summer school, hush y’ere) and boredom. Yep. Kids need of constant stimulation. If there is a single lull in their day it won’t be long before you hear: “I’m booooored.”  To avoid that, we offer this list of activities for you and your kids, from the very young to teenagers glued... Read More

Fifty-seven years after Jamaica became independent we have achieved some major milestones worth celebrating. And you know we know how to do that! With Emancipation Day so close to Independence (August 1 & 6) there are scores of events in these two holiday weeks for you to plan a trip with your friends and family, visit somewhere new and learn more about the... Read More

You have not known what challenges life holds until you have driven in Jamaica. Nothing prepares you for the madness you’re likely to encounter on any given day. We’re barely scratching the service but we thought we would explore what going on the road means in Jamaica.

Proud parents all across Jamaica are preparing their best outfits to attend their child’s graduation. For many, this means requesting days off from work as often these ceremonies are held during work hours (we’re sure bosses get frustrated at this). But these must-attend events mark an important life moment for both parent and child as they celebrate successes and... Read More

Despite the heat, most of us want to have some fun in the sun. Outside offers much more excitement than the indoor activities admired by today’s technologically addicted youth. Back in the day, parents had to threaten children to stay inside. Now they have to chase young people outside.