We like open spaces and places. Even in disenchanting Kingston. That’s why we enjoyed Liguanea before it was denuded, and why we always feel like streaking on King’s House grounds. We even have a slight attraction to Trafalgar Road because of its width at some points. And Palisadoes is to die for given its roadside spaces and views of the harbor and the Atlantic... Read More

A pleasant good morning! What an extraordinarily polite way to be greeted on the telephone, or in person. Kindly hold, we are told. It’s so nice to be spoken to like that. Are you getting through? Such a considerate sentiment.

Make it your resolution to visit at least ten heritage sites next year. Not sure where to go? Here are our top pics!

Purchase more “party outfits” than casual outfits. Your friends always come to you when they want to go out. Always willing to party. You spot a party poster from miles away. You picture yourself at a party when you hear a song on the radio.