8 Must Try Drinks in Jamaica

8 Must Try Drinks in Jamaica

We don’t just have talented chefs; we also have excellent bartenders too. A glass of something when paired with the unique flavour of the island’s local rum makes having a drink in Jamaica a memorable experience. The challenging question when we sit at a restaurant is, ‘What can I get you to drink?’

You can try the local touch to some of the more popular international drinks or an original Jamaican mixed drink. Here’s a list of popular options to try.

Remember, drink responsibly.

Flaming Bob Marley

This shot consists of three layers reflecting the colours found in the Rastafarian flag and named after the iconic Bob Marley. The highlight of this drink is the flame. Your bartender will light your drink and if you’re brave enough you can take the shot. This is a great drink for a night out with friends where you can observe their reaction to this daring drink. However, be cautious when trying a flaming drink for the first time. This drink can also be made frozen.

Vodka & Ting

‘Ting’ is creole for the word ‘thing’, and is the name of a beverage enjoyed by majority of the Jamaican population. It is grapefruit flavoured and a popular choice for vodka mixes. This mix is colourless, an excellent drink if you wish to be discreet at a business or family trip.

Overproof Rum & Pepsi

This is a drink you can experiment with at home. All you need is a glass, rum and a bottle of Pepsi; you can even try the new ginger flavour for a new taste. Jamaicans also have this drink at small gatherings and parties as it’s easy to make and affordable.

Jamaican Rum Punch

Jamaican Rum Punch ideally has a fruit based flavour, which may include pineapple juice, orange juice and lime juice. It is often garnished with a seasonal fruit. The Grenadine Syrup gives the drink its rich red colour and adds even more sweetness, if done right it will taste so delicious and have you gulping away. Exercise caution and be mindful of the good old Jamaican rum in the mix.

Rum Cream on the rocks

Rum cream has a rich flavour and is one of those drinks you can enjoy while treating your taste buds. This drink is served on ice and your bartender will give you the option of including rum of your choice for added flavour.

Dirty Banana

A popular blended drink is the ‘Dirty Banana’. Main ingredients include Tia Maria, rum, milk and of course a fresh banana. This drink has a similar consistency to a smoothie and just as delicious. You can also choose a non- alcoholic version to this drink.

Moscow Mule (Ginger Beer & Rum)

We love our Ginger Beer in Jamaica and it is used in both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. The Moscow Mule consists of lime juice, vodka and ginger beer. The official name of the drink is not frequently used in Jamaican and is referred to as the ‘Ginger Beer and Rum Mix’.

Long Island Iced Tea

This drink is a popular drink internationally. However, even if you’ve tried it before you definitely should try a Long Island Ice Tea in Jamaica. Main ingredients include vodka, gin, dark rum and pineapple juice.

Share your favourite drink and where we can go to try it out.

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