That Friday Feeling

That Friday Feeling

With all the talk of Delta, Omicron, Deltracon (nope – we’re not kidding) and the ensuing stabs at Megatron and Decepticon, that ‘Friday Feeling’ knowing the weekend approaches can be euphoric.

Let’s face it, getting out of bed Friday morning for work is a LOT easier than on a Monday – and Fridays seem to move that much faster. Are we right? Or are we right?

So how do we get that Friday Feeling on the other days of the week? Here’s a start:

  • Plan. Really? Argh! (as in ‘ahoy there!’) But it does work. Just a simple note in that planner/notepad/journal of what you’ll do on your work days will give clarity, focus and purpose. And here’s a trick. Start with something you enjoy doing most. That will give you a good push, get you excited and make you want to take on the world!
  • Sleep. Yes. That simple yet often elusive activity will do wonders to set the pace for the following work day. Admittedly, we often get caught up with social media, the news, chit chat and then before we know it, it’s 10. And we haven’t yet hit the shower! In the morning, it’s a ‘slow as molasses’ start to the day. Try getting into bed an hour earlier for a week and see what happens. Restful sleep works wonders.
  • Exercise. And we’re not talking about bench-pressing, Peloton-pumping, boot-camp-training kinds of exercise. Those are great, but if you’re not an exercise buff, start with just a long relaxing walk. Take along a friend. Accountability helps. Or be accountable to yourself. Use the time to gather and process your thoughts. Choose the time of day that works for you and go for it!

So, there you have it. Our three top ‘to-dos’ for helping to get that Friday Feeling on a Monday, Tuesday…well, you get the picture. These days we are bombarded with information and the stresses they bring. So, making the work day one of pleasant anticipation and a good mix of simple and great achievements can make that much of a difference. Work on generating the Friday Feeling! Good luck!