Mek yuh New Year’s Resolutions Stick Like Glue And Work Fi You

2022 Goals

Woohoo! 2021 is gone! Your 2022 calendar looks promising and you want to roll out those ambitious new year’s resolutions. But if you’re wary of the complacency that often sets in soon after we can offer some advice. Consider these 4 steps that can help you stick to your new year’s resolutions. We’ll check back with you next December.

Be Reflective

The best way to keep new year’s resolutions is to consider how well you fared with the last set. Be honest with yourself about what you did achieve and why. Try and understand where you went wrong and plan how you will correct your shortfalls. You can also celebrate your successes to get psyched and ready to tackle the new resolutions.

Consider why you are making these resolutions in the first place. Will meditating three times weekly improve your mental health? Are you budgeting for a specific financial goal? Ask yourselves hard questions so you remain focused and driven. Better still, create a vision board to empower you and improve your commitment.

Create A Clear Plan That Is Easy To Do

False hopes surrounds us. Apps offer depression cures, exercises promise weight loss and Ponzi schemes flash wealth. Such hucksterism won’t work for new year’s resolutions either. Mouthing platitudes about a better you in 2022 won’t get you anywhere. Instead, make reasonable resolutions that are easy to achieve. Consider your capabilities, the time you can give to accomplish what you want, and the resolve you can afford. You are more likely to succeed in your goals if they are well within your reach.

Set Reminders

Actions become second nature when you actively repeat behaviour. So create productive habits to achieve your goals. One easy way to do this is to set reminders to maintain consistency.  Thankfully, we now live with technology that easily automates our calendars and their content. There are several apps that will remind you of your resolutions. If you’re more of a sticky notes person, then place those around your home.

Make It Enjoyable

When making your goals this year, don’t just rigidly tunnel through. Design them in ways that will bring you joy. For instance, if plan to chop off a few pounds, create a tasty lean diet and choose fitness regimens you enjoy. If the gym is a bore, try Zumba or yoga, or maybe tennis or cycling. Get a friend to join you in your goals. That way you can hold each other accountable, and it brings an added dynamic to your focus. Make the process fun. 

Sticking to your new year’s resolution can be challenging, but it is not unattainable. Put a limit on what you will attempt, but be patient with yourself.

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